Apple. The big one.

12th November

New York City. One of my favourite places on the planet. Darrin and I had a good walk around the Theatre and Garment districts, the Empire State Building and surrounding area. We took the subway down to South Ferry and did the Staten Island round trip. I guess I’ve been on it at least 4 times, but it never fails to impress me. The views of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty at sunset are amazing.
After a mad rush we got to the Irving Plaza, near Union Square.
On time for the soudcheck and meeting with the VIPs.

Brilliant show, a full house, and many friends in the audience. A great ending to this 15 city tour. Hope we come again soon.



A family reunion, the sound of fear and the nra.

10th November

Long, long trip to Raleigh. 

The great thing is that my brother, Darrin joined us. He had been teaching at a university in Durham, close by. What an unbelievable coincidence. Darrin became our official photographer for the next 3 shows. My bro. We weren’t expecting a fantastic turnout here at the Lincoln Theatre, but the show was actually quite full!
11th November
Baltimore! A lovely harbour city. Darrin and I enjoyed a walk around the port and saw some historical ships. Then it was cinema time, with the new Bladerunner movie. Loved it.

We were informed that some crazy guy on facebook had threatened to kill his girlfriend at the concert. We were pretty worried about that , with the insane gun laws in this country. Luckily a big security team came to the club. SWAT! There was no danger and nothing happened. Great concert, great audience.


9th November

Nashville! The city of country music! 

I had a great walk through the university grounds, through Music Square and into the District. Dozens of clubs, all with bands playing. A great vibe, although the whole thing is rather touristy. This time 3 other band members actually joined me. Fun. There were great views from the pedestrian bridge across the river.

The Nashville audience was wonderful, and the club was cool. Exit/In.

Back east

7th November
The odyssey back to the east coast, flying via Denver. We reached our hotel in Atlanta at 2 am. The less said, the better.
8th November 
Off to the Loft. I had a short walk downtown. Can’t say I was impressed by the little I saw. Atlanta seems to be a massive construction site, a city of concrete. The venue was nice, but we had a lot of problems with the monitors. As usual, the concert begins and a miracle takes place. Everything worked.

Here is the set list:

(from Sleepless) Killer On The Train
Non Ho Sonno
Death Farm
(from Roller)
Doctor Frankenstein
Maurizio’s solo
(from Out Of The Darkness) Quiet Drops
Buio Omega
In The Name Of Goblin
(from Deep Red) Deep Shadow
Fabio’s solo
Mad Puppet
Death Dies
School at Night
Profondo Rosso
Dawn Of The Dead
Encores: E Suono Rock
Magic Thriller

What lies north…

4th November900 km on the road.Beautiful scenery. Some snow. An obscure hotel in some place called Springfield, Oregon. I’m tired.

5th November

Another long trip and we finally reached Seattle, the city that gave us Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana and a load of other great artists. There was no time for walking. I have performed here before, and wished that I could have returned to the Pike Market.

The venue, Neumos is a really cool rock club, and the people who work there are wonderful. We had a killer show and a big audience.

My hotel room was freezing. How’s that for an anticlimax?

6th November

A 3 hour drive to Portland. I was happy to meet an old friend there, Lawrence. The concert went fine, the hotel not much better than the previous one. It’s all rock ‘n roll.


1st November

Flying. We travelled all day, flying through Houston. Getting all the gear checked in was complicated but somehow it all worked out. We reached LA in the evening, exhausted. And so the West Coast part of our tour begins. No tour bus here. We had a big van and a trailer. Aaron and Maurizio did all the driving and were great. Tonight I checked into the hotel on Hollywood Blvd, had a meal and beer with the guys at the Rainbow, on Sunset Strip, got back to the hotel and instantly got knocked out.

2nd November

Time for a long hike! I walked up the trails of Griffith Park till the Observatory. What a great place and view of the city of angels! There’s a cool science museum and planetarium inside. I really missed my daughter and wished she could be with me here. Maybe next time…

Back down the trail. If I had known then that there was a mountain lion loose in the area I might have been a little less relaxed…

Off to downtown LA! The Regent Theatre is an old LA venue, and it has a bit of an ancient abandoned vibe to it. The show went really well, and I met a couple of musician friends too. I have to say that the sound system and stage monitoring weren’t that great, compared to the previous shows. It happens, and you just have to live with it and make your way through the concert. The performance was good, luckily. After a few shows the band can overcome most technical difficulties.

Our supporting band on the west coast is Mondo Drag.

3rd November

Early wakeup today. We had a long trip through north California, till Berkeley, near San Francisco. No time for tourism. The show went well.

By the way this is the lineup of Goblin: Massimo Morante on guitar and bouzouki, Fabio Pignatelli on bass, Maurizio Guarini on keys, Agostino Marangolo on drums and myself on keys and vocals. My companions are all legendary musicians in Italy and I am fortunate to know them and perform with them.

Philly cheese steak, Rocky and a prison break.

30th October

Back in Philly! Sunny day, and I HAD to get away from the bus. Last time I was here I had been around the Liberty Bell area. This time I walked to the Art Museum, with the huge staircase made famous by the Rocky movie. They even have a bronze Rocky monument there. Amazing. A tribute to a fictitious character from a film. This is America!

Next stop, the Eastern State Penitentiary. I was fascinated by this massive dilapidated location, turned into a museum. Truly another world, and a brilliant place for photography. I really enjoy what I call ‘cheap’ photography, using an iphone or a compact camera. Taking good pics with such limited equipment is an enjoyable challenge. My love for photography probably comes from my brother Darrin, a kickass world famous photojournalist.

These prisons were used as a location for one of my favourite movies, Terry Gilliam’s “12 Monkeys”.

Back to Union Transfer, our venue. Did I keep everyone waiting again? Sorry guys!

Halloween Night. Brilliant show, super audience. I chatted with a lot of people after the show, and caught up on things with a couple of guys from Relapse, the Goblin Rebirth record label based here. A number of musicians were seeing the concert, and it was great to get such good feedback from them.